When in Mexico…🌵

When Summer break is quickly coming to an end, you get a random email from Coldwell Banker reminding you that you have access to RCI vouchers starting at $199, and your parents give you the go-ahead to take a last minute kid-free vacation, you RUN to book a trip to Mexico…am I right?!

IMG_4934(Keds Triple Liberty Espadrille, Scala Visor,  TJMaxx Maxi Wrap Dress & Kaukko Travel Backpack)

I have been to Cancun, Cozumel, Grand Caymans, and Playa del Carmen, but never Cabo and have always wanted to check it out. Adam and I usually travel with boards and a rental car for the week if we know there will be surf, but this trip was so impromptu that we decided to wing it when we got there.

Our hotel, Pueblo Bonito Rose Resort and Spa, did not disappoint. I had no idea what our room looked like or if it even had a view since we booked thru an RCI special, so we were super excited to walk into a roomy suite with a gorgeous Ocean view…score!

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We love Mexican food, so the next step was to figure out our food and drinks situation.  I’m no cook…like the worst, actually. The last time I attempted a crock pot dish for my family, I put the London broil right into the base (and left the insert on the counter…in my sight). It was only when I felt something dripping on my foot did I realize my meat was searing to the base and dripping thawing meat juice everywhere. I mean, who does that? 🤦🏼‍♀️  I do love to eat, though, and vacays are a great excuse to eat dinner out every night.  Cabo delivered!  We had the best fresh tacos and seafood…served slightly different everywhere we went.


With the help of Yelp, we ended up trying Tacos Guss, Moscatos (Holy Seafood Platter…We had lobster, eel, fish, coconut shrimp, bacon wrapped shrimp, crab, and scallops!),  Mi Casa, and the Cabo Surf Hotel & Spa.  The waiter at Mi Casa got a little salty on us when we asked him for chips and salsa. Do not, I repeat, do not ask for chips and salsa at an authentic Mexican restaurant while in Mexico 🙈.  The Cabo Surf Hotel by Old Mans beach was so tasty and offered the best view, but overall Tacos Guss took the cake for the most delicious and fresh shrimp and fish tacos.  We left there stuffed for only $20 (and that included Coronas!!).

We (I) got totally suckered into hearing a time share presentation when our resort offered us a free sunset dinner cruise, champagne breakfast, hotel credit, and a few other perks…I love anything free, duh!  So on Tuesday, I dragged Adam to a presentation at our hotel’s sister resort, Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach.  We had a great breakfast, actually enjoyed the tour and views (or at least I did 😉), and made it out alive without signing up👊🏼.  The fact that you could not swim in the ocean because it was so rough was a total deal breaker for us…that and the $50,000 they needed on the spot. 😳🤣

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We finally got our rental car at 5PM on Wednesday and beelined it off the resort to do some exploring before dinner. We heard Santa Maria had good snorkeling, so we were excited to check it out. The beach itself was beaufitul…picturesque with waves crashing on huge rocks on either side of the beach. The snorkeling; however, was sub par. When you have snorkeled in Tortola and St John, your expectations are set a little high. We definitely saw a few pretty fish, but you could not get close to the rocks on either side since the waves were so big and rough coming in, and the Ocean dropped off too deep to see anything just a few yards from the shore.  The diving is probably amazing, though.  We did meet a family from PA who comes to the OBX every year, though…such a small 🌎. None the less, it was a great first adventure and we could not wait to get up early the next morning and find some surf.

(Kore Swim One Piece, Scala Visor, Vissla Trunks)

Everyone we talked to at our resort thought we were crazy to rent a car and drive around, but it was actually really easy. We thougth they were crazy to just stay at the resort the entire time and not explore 🤷🏼‍♀️.  We left Thursday morning and headed straight to Costa Azul Surf Shop to rent some boards. Their selection was on point, and we both found the perfect boards in minutes. They told us Zippers was super localized, and the wave was actually more fun for long boarders at Old Mans, so that is where we headed.

We got to Old Mans beach and both had huge beaming grins on our faces. Shoulder to 3 feet overhead sets were coming in, and it was not that crowded.  It was super choppy, which made it a bit challenging for me, and I will honestly say the larger sets had my heart pounding on the paddle out.  I am terrible at turtle rolling, so never paddle out behind me on a head high+ day 😳! We finally had to break for lunch, and the Cabo Surf Hotel overlooking our break was perfect (thanks for the recommendation April Vaughn of Whalebone Surf Shop 😘). We sat right over the surf break and stuffed our faces to the point where the only option to work off our food was to paddle back our for another session.

(Seea One Piece, Costa Azul Surf Shop Boards)

We caught some more super fun surf right up until we had to return our boards at 6PM. We bought a ton of gear at Costa Azul Surf Shop for our kids and parents…so stoked to support them!   We were super torn about renting the car another day to surf again, but already had a sunset dinner cruise planned for Friday afternoon/evening (one of our freebies, holla!), so decided to take another day of full on R&R.

After lounging, swimming and sunning, we got ready to head out on our sunset dinner cruise. Adam wanted to take a cab since it was still early and pretty hot to walk to the Marina, but I convinced him walking would be so nice…😏. We got to the Marina with about 10 minutes to spare and totally drenched in sweat, but then realized we had another 15 minute walk to the opposite side.  The things Adam puts up with 😂.  We were so sweaty when we got on our boat, but ended up having a great time. The scenary was unbelievably gorgeous going by Lover’s Rock and Beach. We had drinks, music and a taco dinner buffet that was pretty good.   The sunset, though…my favorite 🙌🏼.

(Shein Two Piece Set, J.Crew earrings, Lucky Brand ‘Binnie’ SandalsBillabong Shirt)

Saturday.  Our last full day.  We again contemplated renting a car to 🏄🏽🏄🏼‍♀️, but reigned it in since this we knew it was still windy and choppy, and knew it was our last day of total R&R before we headed home to our crazy busy lives.

So on Saturday we finally gave in to the locals selling goods along our beach. I got a couple of straw bags for myself and my mom, a.k.a. my life assistant, and we got Adam and the boys sweet little black matching leather bracelets.   One of my favorite things as a kid was seeing what my dad would bring us home from his trips around the 🌍 when we were not in tow, so I am so excited to start sharing this tradition with our kids.  (Crew’s reaction when we got home…’Mom, I wanted a rainbow one.’😑🤣)

We both agreed the best dinner option on our last night was Tacos Guss, round #2.  It had our 💚 with those fiery delicious tacos.  Since we don’t really go clubbing, we came back to our balcony for yet another night of singing to our own playlist on our Bose Soundlink Color Speaker. We seriously cannot travel without that thing. We brought it home just before the clock struck midnight with Christopher Cross’ ‘Ride like the Wind” at the top of our lungs.   Yes, we did…and it was perfection. 🤓

(Asos Jumpsuit, Anthropologie Belt, Lucky Brand ‘Binnie’ Sandal, Bose Speaker)

Sunday morning…One more run to the deli for coffee and croissants, a quick swim in the Pacific, and we were off to the airport.   Cabo was so fun and relaxing.  We can’t wait to come back, and will most likely make it more of a full on surf trip next time…hopefully with some friends and kids in tow to share the memories.


(H&M Swim Top, L Space Swim Bottoms, Hurley Trunks)

For now it’s home to see our boys, family and friends, and to start working towards planning our next adventure…

‘Stay thirsty, mis amigos.’ ~ The Sakers✌🏼






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