Summer on the Outer Banks can sometimes give me anxiety…when it comes to trying to choose what awesome thing to do on a sunny day.  😉

Beach, H2OBX waterpark, Pool, Boat, Island Hopping…Everything is a good option. EVERYTHING.  And that is only touching on a fraction of the options our little Island so freely offers. 

After an epic beach day on Saturday, we opted for a boat day on Sunday and trekked it to a magical little place we like to call Banana Island.  🍌


It is a long skinny sandbar just off Roanoke Island (Manteo, NC).  It’s the perfect place to truly get away from it all.  The water is shallow by the shore so littles can play freely, and my boys loved fishing, swimming and exploring.  Just be sure to pack lots of snacks and drinks because you won’t want to leave! 😎


Boys Trunks from Hurley

There are so many island gems hidden along the Outer Banks, and I highly encourage you to go explore them! ✌🏼


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