Beach, Surf, Travel, Fashion, and Real Estate Enthusiast. Mom of THREE busy boys and wife of the Outer Banks’ one and only Mr. Sakers.  Lover of the Ocean, all things floral, plaid and striped, color blocked, and anything with a silver lining.

I started this blog to recap my story of how I went from a 24 year old newlywed in serious financial trouble to a 40 year old successful OBX Real Estate Agent circling back on her dream to travel and sharing my love of fashion along the way.  Read more about how we got out of debt, every debt, here.

My L🌎VE for Travel comes from my dad.  I grew up a P.K. (preacher’s kid), and every couple of years my dad took a 2 week sabbatical and was able to bring one family member with him on each trip.  My sister has been to Israel and Greece, my brother Germany, and I lucked out on the Italy trip!

I have traveled a good bit in my 40 years, but there is so much more to explore.  It really started when I was 10.  My dad took a job exchange with a family in England.  We lived in England for a Summer, and traveled thru England, Scotland, Wales and Amsterdam while there.  I will never forget walking thru Anne Frank’s house among other things from that experience.

My 2.5 week trip thru Italy with my dad was incredible.  We followed St. Francis of Assisi on his path thru Italy, which took us to so many stunning places: Venice, Burano, Ravenna,  San Gimignano, Florence, Rome, Assisi, and more!  It was a magical trip and some of my most vivid and happiest memories with my dad ever. 💫


My dad also loved cruises (super affordable for a family of 5!), so we have cruised as a family to Cozumel, Grand Caymans, and the Bahamas.


I have also done the cliche Spring Break trip to Cancun😜.


One of my biggest adventures to date was deciding to study abroad for a semester my Junior year of college in Australia.  I went with one of my best college girlfriends, and we will never forget those 5  months and the memories we made.  We started in Cairns and snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, ended up in Perth (with a road trip North to top all road trips), and even made it to Bali for a week.




When I met Adam, he had never been out of the Country😱.  That had to change, of course.  We Honeymooned in Negril, Jamaica, Babymooned in the Canary Islands, and spent out 10 year Anniversary in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico with some of our besties.  We have had some super memorable surf trip adventures in between including Puerto Rico (Rincon), Costa Rica (Nosara, Mal Pais, Esterillos), Tortola, and most recently Cabo, Mexico.  We have also gone on a mission trip to Belize to help build a church for the sweetest locals in need.❤️

Rincón, Puerto Rico…


Mal Pais & Esterillos, Costa Rica…






Canary Islands…

Nosara, Costa Rica…



We took our first family trip when our boys were 1 & 3 to St. John.  It was a total disaster…double ear infections, bronchitis, vomit all over the rental car…we got worked🤣.  We are still recovering from that trip 3 years later, but are getting closer to another family adventure outside of the Country.


Some of the top places next on our list include Portugal, Greece, Spain, Tortola (again!), Iceland, and Canada…just to name a few.😉

There are so many stories to be told from each trip I have taken, so stay tuned and I will share a few soon…😘