Boat Life

Happy Sunday!  We got a late start yesterday but spent the afternoon on the water by Oregon Inlet, and she was a beauty.


(Sea Hunt)

If you read ‘How this Island Life all Began’, then you know we are big on saving and staying out of debt.  We used some of our savings and finally invested in a boat this Spring…and it was one of the best decisions we made this year.   Adam actually found our boat on Craigslist, and when he pled the case of what a deal it was, I caved.  It was a 2008 and owned by the nicest guy who was in the Coast Guard and had kept it in great shape.  We have made so many great memories this Summer as a family on our boat, not to mention seen parts of the Outer Banks that you cannot get to any other way.

(Striped One Piece Swimsuit)

My family had their first house on the Outer Banks back in the 70’s, and my dad had a little row boat that he used to put his crab pots out.  I can remember picking fresh crabs as far back as my childhood memory goes.  It is tedious work, but so worth that deliciousness.  Adam grew up in Maryland in a crab eating, seafood loving family as well, so life on the Outer Banks and on the water is a necessity in keeping both of our salt thirsty veins happy.

Our boys love being on the water and have been spoiled since birth going out on boat rides with both sets of their grandparents.  They are always helping Sea-Pa put out his crab pots and bring in the catch, and they even water skied for the first time this Summer at ages 4 and 6…so cute, and we know our G-Pop’s heart was bursting with pride.

I can’t wait to see what fun adventures are ahead of us on our little Sea Hunt.✌🏼




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