Sometimes you just need to get off the beach, and what better time than Fall when you can escape to the Mountains and see all the leaves changing colors.  We road tripped to Boone, NC with our boys last year on this same pre Halloween weekend, and they loved Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock and hiking along the Blue Ridge Parkway so much, we had to make it an annual adventure.

The Country Inn was a great place to call home for the weekend, and they even let us adjust our stay when the weather started looking sketchy.  The boys loved the indoor pool, and having breakfast included was a treat for all of us since I can’t say I enjoy cooking on vacation…or really ever😜.


Our first stop was Tweetsie Railroad…it is just the cutest!  Levi has a sharp little memory at 4, and he did not want to go on the big train ride because he remembered there was a shoot out skit, but we found plenty of other things that the boys loved.


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The first thing both boys wanted to do was mine for gems and treasure.  It’s about $10 for a big bucket filled with sand and stones, and the looks on their faces as they sifted thru and found their hidden treasures was priceless.

Crew was a little bummed when he discovered he had grown so much since last year that he was now too big for the little boat and plane ride, but we watched Levi go around, and around, and around…and around, until we convinced him it was time to go feed the animals.  You can buy 50 cent cones of food and feed Goats, Llamas, Deer, Ostrich, and Sheep…FYI, the Ostrich don’t mess around and will snatch your cone and leave your kids crying😆.

There is a ski style chair lift that takes you up and down the mountain (or you can go by foot or bus), which I think we went on 5000 times in between every activity.😆  This is also the scene of the crime where I dropped my camera and broke my lens as I was helping Levi get off.  Total bummer, but I am excited to have an excuse to buy a new one!


The kids also loved the playground, Tiny Train Ride (super friendly for the littles), Carousel (I had to call it quits after 4 rounds so I did not barf 🤢), Go Cart Driving, Ferris wheel, and of course, Dippin Dots.  The scenery was gorgeous and that crisp mountain air just does a body good.


We were pretty cashed out after 6 hours…Adam and I, that is…the boys swam in the pool for another hour+ after we got back to the Country Inn.  Their endless energy is ridiculous, and the indoor pool was a life saver.

Day 2 was Grandfather Mountain.  Last year we hiked an epic free trail that looked across to Grandfather Mountain, so we decided to mix it up this year and also wanted to check out the renowned mile high swinging bridge.  It was just about $60 to get a family of four into the park, and we headed straight to a hiking trail that took us up to the swinging bridge.


The hike was only about 15-20 minutes each way, but was challenging enough for our boys.  It was super foggy and windy at the top, so unfortunately we didn’t get to capture the full view from the swinging bridge and could not even see from one end of the bridge to the other, but the eeriness of it was fitting for Halloween weekend.👻


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Crew wanted to play on rocks around the bridge, so we herded the kids back down the trail to keep me from having a heart attack.😅  The nature museum was super cool and educational, and we loved the wildlife habitats outside where all the kids could trick or treat while seeing Eagles and Bears in their natural habitats.   It was Grandfather Moutain’s ‘Beary Scary Halloween’ event, and the boys learned how bears survived the winter, got to touch a live snake and see a screeching owl, and filled pumpkins with raisins, honey, etc. that were then used to feed the animals outside.

It started raining as we were leaving Grandfather Mountain, so we headed back into Boone for a family dinner at Our Daily Bread, Adam’s favorite sandwich spot…try the Smoke Stack or the Strawberry Goat Cheese Salad!😋   We also had to take the boys to the Mast General Store before we called it a night.  So many classic toys and games in one little store…just check your kids’ pockets before you leave to be sure they don’t try to sneak out any candy.🙈


Thanks Boone; Nailed it once again!  Until next year…✌🏼


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